How far in advance will GO! Curriculum lessons be available?

We know that some of you are finishing up your shopping for Christmas 2025. Others of you just finished Christmas shopping for 1993! Regardless of how far ahead you plan your Sunday School lessons, we want to give you ample time to prepare. Although the lessons can be used at any time during the year, GO! works best when you follow the curriculum calendar. Each unit will be made available for download beginning 3 months in advance of its "use" date on the calendar. This will give you between 3-4 months to plan ahead.

What is your cancellation/return policy?

We're 100% confident that you'll love the GO! curriculum and will use it in your children's ministry for many years to come. If for some reason, though, you decide it's not working for you, we're happy to cancel your subscription and return your money for the remaining lessons you never had access to. Because the GO! lessons are available for download up to 4 months in advance, this means you'll be credited for lessons that were not available for you to download. This is only applicable to subscribers. For individual unit purchases, there are no returns.

Can I begin using GO! in the middle of the year or should I wait until August when the "Big Bible Story" begins?

There is no bad time to begin using GO! The GO! scope and sequence begins with Genesis in the month of August and works its way through the Bible over the course of the ministry year. If you join mid-story, though, GO! has you covered. The first lesson of every elementary-aged unit has a "Big Bible Story" recap to help kids who are just joining understand the story from the beginning. It also serves as a reminder for the kids who've been with the story the entire time.

Will my subscription to GO! be renewed automatically?

No. We’re fully confident that you’ll want to use GO! year after year, but you’ll have to manually renew your subscription at the end of the 12-month subscription period.

Is there an upcharge to receive the GO! lessons in a customizable format?

No way! We place a high value on giving you the final say on Sunday School lessons. We therefore only offer lessons as customizable Microsoft Word documents.

What is the "Blank Slide" in the Resource Folder for?

Not only do we want you to have customizable kid's church lessons, we want to give you the ability to add your own matching slides. The "Blank Slide" has the same design elements from the other unit slides, but without the words so that you can make it say whatever you want. We even include the name of the font used for each series in the file name so that you can make your slides match seamlessly with the ones provided.

My dog ate my lesson. Can I download it again?

Did your dog eat the electronic file too? Umm... yes he did. That's strange! But yes—you can download the lessons as many times as you need for as long as they're available. Old units will be removed as soon as the next unit becomes available.

After purchasing GO! for 3 years, can I cancel my subscription and just reuse the old lessons?

The GO! user agreement specifies that lessons be used within one consecutive 12-month period. GO! lessons are being updated and made more relevant for kids during each cycle.

Is there any financial assistance for churches who can’t afford the subscription price?

We don’t want GO! to be cost prohibitive for anyone! If for some reason, your church or ministry cannot afford the subscription price for GO!, we’re happy to work with you. Give us a call at 1-800-684-2302.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

In 1988, a New York fish and wildlife technician named Richard Thomas calculated that on a good day, with the wind at his back, a woodchuck could chuck about 700 lbs of wood (that is…if a woodchuck could chuck wood, which it can't—so it's irrelevant).

Does that previous question really get asked frequently?

It depends. If by "frequently," you mean "never," then yes--it's one of the most frequently asked questions.

Do the preschool and elementary scope and sequences line up with each other?

The preschool scope and sequence generally follows the elementary scope and sequence (same section of the Bible at the same time), but it will go at a pace that is more age-appropriate for preschoolers. Sometimes the stories will be the same, but sometimes they are different.

What is the difference between GO! Curriculum and GO+?

GO! Curriculum provides in-person lessons designed to be used at church. GO+ provides video lessons and music that can be used as an online kids church. You can either send parents to the GO+ video platform or download the videos and incorporate them into your own online kids church platform. The GO+ videos can also be used to enhance the GO! Curriculum in-person lessons.

Can GO! Curriculum and GO+ be used together?

Absolutely! GO+ is the perfect companion to GO! Curriculum. GO! Curriculum is designed specifically to be used for in-person services at church. When you also subscribe to GO+, you can use the GO+ lesson and music videos to supplement and enhance your in-person lessons. Or encourage parents to watch the videos with their kids during the week as a follow-up to what they learned at church on Sunday. Plus, GO+ equips you with social media posts that help your families engage with the lesson throughout the week. Together, GO! Curriculum and GO+ are the perfect package.



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