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Free Easter Lessons from
GO! Curriculum

Welcome to GO! Curriculum for Children's Ministry - it's the chronological curriculum that gets kids out of their seats and into the storytelling action. 

Enjoy these free sample lessons for Easter Sunday! There's one lesson for elementary and one for preschool! And don't forget about the "Journey Today Show" video for elementary kids.


After you download the files, watch the demo videos below where David Rausch, the creator of GO! Curriculum, walks you through each lesson and explains how it works.

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Lesson: Jesus is Alive!

Big Idea: Jesus rose from the dead, so I can find a new life in Him.

Bible Basis: Matthew 27:27-28:10

Memory Verse: Ephesians 2:5

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Topher's Easter Seek and Find_Title Slide.jpg

Lesson: Jesus is Alive!

Big Idea: I can tell everyone that Jesus is alive.

Bible Basis: Matthew 27:32-28:10

Memory Verse: Matthew 28:6

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