CORONAVIRUS is keeping kids from church, so let's reach them where they're at.


The GO! team has been hard at work to help support you and your children's ministry in these challenging times.

While churches are closed due to coronavirus, GO! will provide a video adaptation of lessons for families to enjoy at home. 

If you would like to be notified as the videos become available, sign up on the form.


Now with kids worship videos from:

Throughout this challenging season of church closures, we'll be creating a video adaptation of the GO! lessons. The videos are created in the style of a quirky morning show for kids. It's a fun-filled experience that the whole family (even preschoolers) can enjoy together.

Here's what you'll get each week:

  • An online video adaptation of the GO! kids church lesson 

  • 2 worship videos from Yancy: one for older kids and one for younger

  • Family discussion built into the video

  • Family activity

  • An email template to send to parents with the lesson info and a video link

  • The GO! Home Guide for kids to print and use at home

  • Social media posts to help families engage spiritually throughout the week

Cool...what lessons are online now?

We'll be uploading new kids church lessons each week. If you're signed up for notifications, we'll email you as soon as the materials are ready. Here are the lessons that are available or on their way:


March 22:

Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet

Big Idea: Jesus served others and wants us to do the same.

Bible Basis: John 13:1-17

Key Verse: Mark 9:35

March 29: 

The Last Supper

Big Idea: Jesus gave His body and blood for our sins, so we can remember Him through communion.

Bible Basis: Matthew 26:17-30; Luke 22:7-30

Key Verse: 1 Corinthians 11:26


April 5: 

Death on the Cross

Big Idea: God’s grace is big enough, so we can go to Him no matter who we are or what we’ve done.

Bible Basis: Luke 23:32-46

Key Verse: Titus 2:11

April 12: 

Jesus is Alive

Big Idea: Jesus rose from the dead, so I can find a new life in Him.

Bible Basis: Matthew 28:1-10

Key Verse: Ephesians 2:5

April 19: 

The Kingdom of Heaven

Big Idea: God promises eternal life to those who seek and find Him.

Bible Basis: Matthew 7:7-12; Matthew 13:44

Key Verse: Matthew 7:7

April 26: 

Saul Sees the Light

Big Idea: Jesus changes our heart, so we're a new creation when we follow Him.

Bible Basis: Acts 9:1-19

Key Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:17


May 3: 

Paul's Great Escape

Big Idea: The Holy Spirit gives us power to boldly tell others about the good news of Jesus.

Bible Basis: Acts 9:19-31

Key Verse: Acts 1:8

May 10: 

Paul and Silas in Prison

Big Idea: The good news of Jesus is for all people, so we should always be ready to share why we believe.

Bible Basis: Acts 16:16-40

Key Verse: 1 Peter 3:15

May 17: 

Paul is Arrested

Big Idea: The good news of Jesus sets us free from sin, so we can tell our story to others.

Bible Basis: Acts 21-28

Key Verse: Psalm 107:2

May 24: 

God's Story in Our Lives

Big Idea: God’s story of love and redemption continues today in the lives of His children.

Bible Basis: 1 John 3:1-3

Key Verse: John 1:12

May 31: 

Jesus is the True Vine

Big Idea: Jesus is the vine, so we can grow by staying connected to Him.

Bible Basis: John 15:1-17

Key Verse: John 15:5


June 7: 

Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Big Idea: Jesus is the good shepherd, so we should listen to His voice and follow Him.

Bible Basis: John 10:1-18

Key Verse: John 10:14

June 14: 

Jesus is the Light of the World

Big Idea: Jesus is the light that leads us out of darkness.

Bible Basis: John 8:12-20

Key Verse: John 8:12

June 21: 

Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life

Big Idea: Jesus is the one true God and following Him is the only way to eternal life.

Bible Basis: John 14:5-14

Key Verse: John 14:6

June 28: 

Joy and Wisdom in Times of Trouble

Big Idea: God calls us to seek Him for wisdom in times of trouble.

Bible Basis: James 1:2-5

Key Verse: James 1:5


July 5: 

Listen and Do What is Right

Big Idea: God calls us to listen to His word and do what it tells us.

Bible Basis: James 1:19-27

Key Verse: James 1:22

July 12: 

Treat Everyone the Same

Big Idea: God calls us to love and treat everyone the same.

Bible Basis: James 2

Key Verse: James 2:1

July 19: 

Taming the Tongue

Big Idea: God calls us to be careful with our words.

Bible Basis: James 3

Key Verse: James 3:5

July 26: 

Pray for Each Other

Big Idea: God calls us to share our struggles with one another and to pray for each other.

Bible Basis: James 5

Key Verse: James 5:16


August 2: 

The Book of Genesis

Big Idea: God keeps His promises.

Bible Basis: Genesis

Key Verse: Psalm 145:13

August 9: 

The Book of Exodus

Big Idea: God is powerful.

Bible Basis: Exodus

Key Verse: Jeremiah 32:17

August 16: 

God's Love and Forgiveness

Big Idea: God's love and forgiveness is greater than our sin.

Bible Basis: John 4:1-26

Key Verse: Romans 5:8

August 23: 

The Bronze Snake

Big Idea: God is merciful and has lifted His Son upon a cross so that we might be saved from death.

Bible Basis: Numbers 21:1-9

Key Verse: John 3:14-15

August 30: 

Remembering God's Goodness

Big Idea: God wants us to remember all of the great things He has done for us.

Bible Basis: Joshua 3-4

Key Verse: Psalm 105:5



Kids want to know... What is Coronavirus? What should I do about it? Do I need to be scared? This video answers those questions and points kids to the Bible for direction on what to do when they feel afraid. Share this video with the children and families in your ministry.

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