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Every 4-5 weeks, GO! uses a different theme. Each theme is built around a storytelling method that puts kids in the middle of the storytelling action. Our methods are interactive, fun, and utilize a variety of learning styles. Because of this, GO! always stays fresh, keeps kids engaged, and helps them grow in their faith regardless of how they learn best.


The themes below show just a small sample of the storytelling methods that GO! uses to engage and equip ELEMENTARY and PRESCHOOL kids.



Let's Face It

Storytelling Method: Costume creation

Learning Style: Visual

Description: Kids use their artistic talents to create and wear fun grocery bag masks that help tell the Bible story. They'll learn how Jesus has the power to forgive us and change our lives.

Shake it Up

Storytelling Method: Prop guessing game

Learning Style: Kinesthetic/Physical 

Description: Kids will be encouraged to shake different presents and figure out what's inside. Once revealed, the contents will help tell the story of the most incredible gift ever given--the gift of Jesus.

Imagination Time Machine

Storytelling Method: Imagination exercise

Learning Style: Aural/Verbal

Description: Kids will travel with Max to an Imagination Destination in the Promised Land. They'll experience firsthand what it was like to be an Israelite by imagining the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, and tastes of life in the land of God.

Space Ninjas vs. Pirate Squirrels

Storytelling Method: Team Competition

Learning Style: Social/Interpersonal

Description: Kids are divided into two teams and battle each other by racing to help tell the story and by answering questions in the story review competition.

Riddle Rangers

Storytelling Method: Riddle solving

Learning Style: Logical

Description: The kids are called upon to help Zack and Jada (a.k.a. the Riddle Rangers) solve a series of mysterious riddles. With the solving of each riddle, the kids come closer to discovering that the greatest treasure is God's Word.  



Super Duper Picture Party

Storytelling Method: Drawing/Picture guessing game

Learning Style: Visual

Description: Preschool kids will get to create their own pictures and play a picture guessing game that teaches them about the Creator of all creators. They'll learn that God created everything and it's good!

Silly Sound Factory

Storytelling Method: Sound effects

Learning Style: Auditory/Aural

Description: Using their mouths, bodies, and just about anything else they can find, preschool kids will make the Bible come alive with their very own sound effects. Best of all, they'll learn about God's faithfulness and the power of forgiveness.

Say Cheese!

Storytelling Method: Statue/Strike a pose

Learning Style: Physical

Description: By striking different fun and creative poses, preschoolers will picture what it was like to be Moses and the Israelites during their miraculous exodus from Egypt and into the wilderness. More than that, kids will get a picture of God's amazing power and provision.

Uh Oh Topher

Storytelling Method: Hide and Seek

Learning Style: Visual

Description: Topher the Gopher has hidden the Bible story pictures around the room. It's up to the preschool kids to find the hidden pictures so the story can go on. During the silly search, kids will learn that God is always with them and He hears them when they talk to Him.

Guess What_Title Screen.jpg

Guess What

Storytelling Method: Charades

Learning Style: Physical/Visual

Description: Storytellers act out simple scenes from the Bible, then preschool kids will guess what’s happening. As the guessing goes on, the Bible story comes to life. All the while, kids learn about the gift of giving and about the forever love of Jesus.


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