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An important note regarding the future of GO! Kids Church...

It's hard to believe, but it's been about 5 months since COVID19 blew up and churches all over began moving online. It was a crazy time for everyone, including the GO! team. In a matter of days, we were able to build and launch a completely virtual GO! experience that families could enjoy at home. Since that time, we've heard so many positive and encouraging things from so many of you.

Thank you!

After many conversations, it has become abundantly clear to us that there will be a need for virtual kid's church for the foreseeable future. In fact, we believe that this kind of virtual family experience will be a powerful tool for churches and parents long after the COVID shutdown is behind us.

So with that in mind...

We're excited to announce that GO! Curriculum will continue to produce video content and provide online kids church indefinitely. 

Our team is working overtime to figure out all of the details, so please be patient as we role out information in future emails. In the meantime, here's what we can tell you:

From now until mid-September, the production team will be hard at work gearing up for the launch of a new season of the Journey Today Show. On September 13th, we will relaunch the show with new and improved episodes. Until that time, we will be providing archived episodes. (Don't worry! The episodes will be new to you and your families.)

Note: The archived episodes will not match the current GO! scope and sequence exactly, but we are trying to provide episodes that have similar Big Ideas. You can find the updated Big Ideas and Key Verses on the Online Lessons page

When we launched GO! Kids Church Online in March, our goal was to provide it for free for as long as we could. We will continue to provide it for free until this fall when we launch a new and improved  platform. At that time, it will be necessary for us to make GO! Kids Church Online a paid product. For churches who subscribe to GO! Curriculum, Kids Church Online will be offered at a reduced price. Exact pricing is TBD.

GO! Kids Church Online will be hosted on a new and improved platform that allows families to easily watch current as well as previous episodes. It will also give them the ability to easily view and print supplemental materials such as coloring sheets. 

There are a variety of ways you can use the Journey Today Show videos. If your church is not meeting in-person yet, use the videos as part of the online kids church experience. If your church has re-opened for in-person services, you can use the videos as a part of your Sunday morning GO! lesson. Or encourage your parents to watch the video with their kids during the week as a way to involve them in what their kids learned on Sunday.

There are still quite a few variables that we have to figure out as we develop the infrastructure for the videos and this new GO! product. Many of these variables will define the pricing structure, how far in advance the videos will be available and what is available with the online videos. We know many of you are figuring out your fall plans, so we want to keep you informed on what we are working on. We will continue to update you as we know more. 

Regardless of the exact details, though, we can assure you the GO! Kids Church Online will have the same simplicity, Bilbical depth, and fun that all of the GO! products have.

We're so excited to see how God will use this tool in the future and can't wait to partner with you in reaching the families of your church regardless of where they might be.

In Him,

David Rausch

Creator of GO!

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