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Preschool BIBLE Curriculum

Preschoolers can learn the Bible too! Our curriculum for preschool-aged church will help you build a foundation for their faith.  Take preschool ministry on a fun-filled adventure through the Bible with Topher the Gopher and his friends.

The themes below show just a small sample of the storytelling methods that GO! uses to engage and equip PRESCHOOL kids.

Bible Teaching for Preschoolers


​Preschoolers want to join the story too. In fact, when you consider a preschoolers attention span as well as their inability to sit still for very long, it's even more critical that we make our lessons interactive for them. I created the following interactive storytelling methods (and many more) for the GO! preschool curriculum.

Super Duper Picture Party

Storytelling Method: Drawing/Picture guessing game

Learning Style: Visual

Description: Preschool kids will get to create their own pictures and play a picture guessing game that teaches them about the Creator of all creators. They'll learn that God created everything and it's good!


Silly Sound Factory

Storytelling Method: Sound effects

Learning Style: Auditory/Aural

Description: Using their mouths, bodies, and just about anything else they can find, preschool kids will make the Bible come alive with their very own sound effects. Best of all, they'll learn about God's faithfulness and the power of forgiveness.

Say Cheese!

Storytelling Method: Statue/Strike a pose

Learning Style: Physical

Description: By striking different fun and creative poses, preschoolers will picture what it was like to be Moses and the Israelites during their miraculous exodus from Egypt and into the wilderness. More than that, kids will get a picture of God's amazing power and provision.

Uh Oh Topher

Storytelling Method: Hide and Seek

Learning Style: Visual

Description: Topher the Gopher has hidden the Bible story pictures around the room. It's up to the preschool kids to find the hidden pictures so the story can go on. During the silly search, kids will learn that God is always with them and He hears them when they talk to Him.

Guess What_Title Screen.jpg

Guess What

Storytelling Method: Charades

Learning Style: Physical/Visual

Description: Storytellers act out simple scenes from the Bible, then preschool kids will guess what’s happening. As the guessing goes on, the Bible story comes to life. All the while, kids learn about the gift of giving and about the forever love of Jesus.


Why do churches need a preschool Bible curriculum?

It's no secret - younger aged children learn differently.

That's why GO! has created a special edition of our curriculum to meet their unique social and developmental needs. 

Teaching preschoolers is about content and relationships.

"Simply put, children learn from the people they love. And love is the result of getting to know one another—it's the result of relationship. Before our kids come to know Jesus, they just might need to know us first." It's true—education research has shown that when kids have a relational connection to their teachers and peers, they listen and learn better.

That's why every lesson in our Preschool Church curriculum makes time for relationship building (and fun). 

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