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Welcome to “The Big Drop”—a gospel-centered family experience unlike any other! During this event, families will play games, eat sweet treats, and watch gravity do its thing as you drop stuff from way up high and watch it go KERSPLAT!


Best of all, everyone will hear the story of Jesus’ first disciples and discover how we too should drop everything and follow Him.

"The Big Drop" comes with multiple sets of media so you can tailor the event to the season in which you are holding it. Host it as a fall-festival, summer party, back-to-school bash, outreach event, make it a part of your VBS, or add it onto your trunk-or-treat event.

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No matter how you use it, "The Big Drop" will be the gospel-centered event that kids talk about...

"The Big Drop" event guide comes with everything you need to make planning your event simple. 

Use our promotional materials to get kids excited. "The Big Drop" comes with a promotional package containing a video, slides, social media, a printable invitation, an email template, and posters (print-on-your-own) to help you build hype for the event. It also includes an outreach idea that will surely get kids to invite their friends and neighbors.

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Choose your "pre-drop" games and activities. When kids and families first arrive, engage them in a variety of activities. We’ve included directions for more than 30 fall and summer-themed ideas you can use as a part of your event. Pool Noodle Obstacle Course, Pumpkin Bowling, Rubber Ducky Water War, Corncob Toss, and many, many more!

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It's time to drop! When kids hear "The Big Drop" theme song, they'll know it's time for the main event! "The Big Drop" comes with step-by-step instructions on safely selecting a "launch pad," establishing a "drop zone," and choosing items to drop. It's everything you need for a fun and safe event.

Give them the gospel. We've already crafted a short, but powerful, gospel message that teaches everyone about the first disciples and invites kids to drop everything and follow Jesus. It's the perfect way to reach your community with the good news of God's love.

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Throw an ice cream after-party with a catch—literally! Our director's guide gives you step-by-step instructions on throwing the coolest ice cream party ever. Kids will have more fun catching their ice cream than they will eating it!

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Church License. . . $95

  • Permission for all families in a single church campus + guests

    • Multi-site churches must purchase separate licenses for each campus​

  • Documents and Guides:

    • Director's guide with step-by-step directions

    • Safety instructions

    • Suggested list of items to drop

    • 30+ game and activity ideas with directions

    • Editable message script with tech cues

    • Coloring page

    • Ice cream party instructions

    • Supply list

  • Slides and Media

    • Multiple sets of media themed for fall and spring/summer

    • Message slides

    • Still and motion title slides

    • Background and transitional music files

    • Full color logos

    • Black and white logos for t-shirt design

  • Marketing and Promotions

    • Print-on-your-own poster designs

    • Printable and social media invitations for community outreach

    • Promotional video

    • Parent email template to invite families to participate

    • Outreach idea to encourage kids to invite friends and neighbors

  • Social Media Support

    • Social media posts for event promotion and follow-up

    • Access to "The Big Drop" leader Facebook group​

Please note:

  • All files are digital and available for downloaded immediately.

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Feel free to email us at You can also call 1-800-684-2302 on Monday--Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. central time.

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THE BIG DROP is a production of GO! Curriculum. GO! is the chronological children's ministry curriculum that gets kids out of their seats and into the storytelling action.

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